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Twin Lights

Can you imagine your life being turned upside down one day? Your routines thrown into a complete disarray. The world you know now gone as if you have been ripped away from it? The laws of physics as you knew them torn apart? Even everything you knew to be true about yourself proven false? Are you being watched? Could they be following you? Can you envision them, coming after you? Chasing you, no matter where you go, no matter what you do? What will you do, when once again, the twin lights catch up to you?

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Holy Haikus

Have you ever tried to pray to God, but were at a loss for words and couldn't think of what to say? Or perhaps you had too much to say to God and the meaning was lost in all that you attempted to speak? Maybe you simply need a new way to grow close to God in prayer? This collection of Haikus, an ancient Japanese form of poetry modernized with Christian praise, thanksgiving, and lament can provide quick, concise prayers and mantras to enhance your prayer life and your experience with God. May they offer a new way to pray, a new way to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and a new way to worship the Lord.

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Theological Tanka

Have you ever felt that language describing God is just too wordy and hard to understand? Do you have trouble articulating how you are feeling to the Lord at times? Perhaps your spiritual life could use a short, simple poem from time to time in your walk with God? This collection of Tanka, an ancient Japanese form of poetry with a modern Christian understanding is certain to enhance your spiritual life. These poems on the subjects of salvation, struggles of faith, God's presence, creation, and discipleship can be used in prayers, in worship, and as mantras for meditation. May they enhance your daily walk with the Lord.

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The Technology Devotional

Do you believe in God but wonder how to bring your faith into the technological age? Do you question how you might blend the technology today with Scripture written centuries ago? Do you want to meld technology into your prayer life, but you are not sure how? This 40 day devotional guide explores how we might bring technology into our prayer life and our walk with God. Written for both churchgoers and those who worship on their own, useful for seasoned Christians and those new to the faith, may this devotional enhance your walk with God in the technological age.

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Theology on Tap

The perfect, well-paying job. A beautiful wife, and a son on the way. Great friends in the neighborhood bar. What more could Darren ask for in life? Yet, even though everything seemed perfect, even though there was nothing more he could ask for, something was missing. As Darren began to search for it, that something he was missing, he realized he did not need to search alone. His constant yet unwilling companions would traverse his spiritual desert in his thirsty quest for what he is missing. Will he find what he is missing? And will any of them come out of this journey unchanged?

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